Public Service Announcement: Discovering Our Own Healing

This project is Alexa’s third video collaboration with the Midland Rape Crisis and Children’s Advocacy Center, culminating her experiences there as a volunteer.

With Leo’s guidance, Alexa developed creative filmmaking workshops for the kids going through therapy. Using art as a form of personal discovery, they created a pro-bono Public Service Announcement.

Uncoated Zeiss Super Speed Lenses Flare Test

Testing the 18mm and 85mm Zeiss Super Speed MkIII T1.3 lenses to compare flaring characteristics with standard lens coating versus uncoated front elements wide open and stopped down to T2.

XP coating removed by hand in medium strength by the amazing Guy McVicker at Panavision Hollywood.

Set of 18mm, 35mm and 85mm uncoated lenses available for hire. Please contact us for more information.

Dear Annabel

Color Grades

Behind the Scenes